“A skunkworks project is a project developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation.”

Squidworx is like that.. but with bikes!

Bicycle Components, Designed and Tested in Whistler BC.

Our Modular Pedals will be available in January 2020.
Please use our Pedal Builder to configure and pre-order yours today!

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Modular Pedal molds are being made!

It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but finally the molds are being made for our Modular Pedal. If everything goes to plan we should get pre-production samples in late September, and the first batch of production versions in January.

To celebrate check out our pedal configurator and start designing yours now!

Pedal Builder

Crankworx EWS

Squidworx founder Rich entered the EWS 100 at Crankworx Whistler this year, and while day 2 didn’t end well, he did manage to make several cameos on day one by overtaking several Youtubers on the top of the world stage. Checkout the following Youtube channels for their race runs: BKXC, BCPOV, The Loam Ranger, Paul The Punter, Daily MTB Rider, VanCan.