Bicycle components designed and tested in Whistler BC, Canada.


14 steel pins thread directly into aluminium inserts, so there are no threads to damage on the pedal body or cages, and they can be removed from both sides.
Forged AL6061-T6 body means the strongest core base the tightest fit with the bushings and bearings, resulting in zero play developing.
Impact resistant nylon composite cages act like bumpers, protecting the body of the pedal. They are easily replaced if damaged or if you just want to change the style/color.
Self extracting internals make servicing the oversized DU bushing and 2 sealed bearings quick and easy, while only having access from one end means no dirt gets in.

Introducing the MOD pedal: The first true modular flat pedal designed to adapt to any challenge.

Combining the best features of both aluminium and polycarbonate pedals to create the most innovative pedal on the market.

With replaceable nylon cages, our design allows you to change the size, style and color of your pedal at any time, and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new pair.

The MOD pedal is one of the most complex flat pedals on the market and yet has one of the simplest and cleanest designs. With zero holes or indents for mud to collect, and thanks to self contained pins, there are no threads to damage on either the pedal body or the plastic cages.

Modify your ride.

At Launch only the flat cage in medium (pictured) will be available, with additional cages being released shortly after.


Due August 2019

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