Squidworx Modular Flat Pedals

The ultimate flat pedals

Our Modular pedal is an aluminum bodied pedal, with nylon composite cages, that is fully customizable and rebuildable!

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Pedal Builder

Choose from over 1000 possible combinations, hand-assembled in British Columbia.

Both pedals will be the same.

108 mm

97 mm

12 mm

5.5 mm

419 grams

Body Options

  • Black

Cage Options

  • Black
  • Teal

Pin Options

  • Black

$159.95 CAD, per pair.

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Included in the box: 1 spare cage, 4 spare pins, 2 spare inserts and the axle removal tool.

All pedals come with a Five Year Warranty.


Modular Design.

Designed to easily and cheaply replace damaged or worn parts, engineered so you never have too.

Our unique modular design, combines the strength and precision of an aluminum pedal, with the impact resistance and value of a nylon composite pedal. Giving you 100's of possible variations for you to create your perfect pair of pedals.

Stealth Pins.

Self contained pins, are isolated from the pedal body and cages.

No more ripping pins out of plastic pedals or damaging the threads in your metal pedals. Featuring 14 stainless steel pins per side that thread into aluminum inserts, means no threads on the pedal body or cages to damage. Pins can also be accessed and removed from both sides, and their stealth design means there are no open holes for dirt to build up and collect in.

Self Extracting Internals.

Extremely durable yet easily accessible and servicable.

Our fully sealed internals comprise of an oversized bushing (spreads the load) and double bearing design. The single sided access reduces the risk of water and dirt getting in to the pedal. While being self extracting allows for quick hassle free servicing (tool supplied).