Squidworx Owner Richard Bedford

Rider Owned and Operated Bla Bla Bla...

“A skunkworks project is a project developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation.”

Squidworx is like that.. but with bikes!

Yes, Squidworx is owned and operated by riders for riders, but what makes us different is we don't design and build components because we think the world needs yet another set of pedals or another new bike stem that's 5 grams lighter, we only create products that we think are substantially better than what's currently available. We like to think outside the box, no idea is too crazy or wild. Currently we're focusing on our Modular Pedal Platform, but we're just getting started with this idea and have a lot more to do, so watch this space.

Based out of Pemberton in British Columbia's Sea to Sky region, we design and test all our products on some of the toughest trails on the planet! From the rooty wet mess of Vancouver's infamous North Shore trails in the Winter to the super dry, dusty steep loose trails of Pemberton, and not to mention a certain Whistler Bike Park in between. There literally is no better place on the planet to design and test bike parts than here.

As a result, we believe our products are built to last and stand behind them by offering a full 5-year Limited Warranty to the original owner, as well as a crash replacement scheme to all owners, regardless of being the original owner or not.

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