Squidworx MODULAR flat pedal

The first bike pedal you can custom build to suite your riding/style.
Our unique design, seemlessly Combines the strength and quality internals of aluminium pedals with the impact resistance and value of polycarbonate pedals (as well as some added features of our own), to create the best pedal available.

110 mm

100 mm

12 mm

6 mm


Type: Heavy-duty Cr-Mo


Type: AL6061-T6
  • Black


Profile: Flat
Size: Medium
  • Black
  • Teal


  • Black

$180.00 CAD

Coming Soon
Modular pedal details
Modular Pedal Interface

Modular Pedal Interface.

  • Unique design, featuring an aluminium body with replaceable nylon composite cages.

  • Switch colors, sizes and shapes of cages, as well as pin positions, hights and colors. To create a pedal that works and looks exactly the way you want.

  • Quickly and cheaply replace damaged or worn cages, no need to buy a new pair each time.

Modular pedal details
Stealth Pins

Stealth Pins.

  • 14 Steel pins per side, threaded into Aluminium inserts.

  • No threads on the pedal body or cage to damage.

  • Pins can be removed from both sides.

  • Our symetrical design means half the number of pin holes are needed, resulting in a cleaner, simpler and stronger design.

  • No open holes, nooks or notches for dirt to collect in.

Modular pedal details
Self Extracting Internals

Self Extracting Internals.

  • Fully enclosed, only one way for dirt to enter.

  • Self extracting internals, allows for quick hassle free servicing (tool supplied).

  • Oversized bushing and double bearing design, means minimal serviceing needed.